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Going Vegan? Check Out These Recipes

Have you wondered if the grass is really greener on the vegan side? On “The Stand,” Pavlina Osta gets the inside scoop from vegan experts Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn. They even share some recipes that are … *chef’s kiss.*

Why should I consider going vegan?

You may wonder why vegan is superior to all the other diets out there. These experts shared their favorite benefits: helping animals, creating a better environment, being kinder to the body and eating delicious food! They’ve seen improvements in their own bodies such as clearer minds and better sleep. If you’re not sure about going vegan, (or if you’re all-in vegan and looking for inspiration) here are some recipes for a nutritious and tasty brunch.

Two quick and simple vegan recipes

First is the avocado toast party! Avocado toast has become a staple in many people’s diets, but there are so many ways to mix it up.

  1. Take your sourdough baguette and prepare it however you like. Toast it, cut it, do what you want!
  2. Mash the avocado with a fork. You can mash it in a bowl first or spread it directly onto the baguette.
  3. Get creative with the toppings! These ladies love to add cherry tomatoes, which give a sweet taste. If you like a spicy crunch, add some arugula or red pepper flakes. Feeling fancy? Sprinkle on some micro sprouts or drizzle with olive oil. And the secret topping? Black sesame seeds. They’re more visual, and they add pizzazz to any dish.

Next, sometimes your brunch needs a little color and a sweet touch. So here’s how to make a refreshing and delicious mango smoothie.

  1. Toss two cups of frozen mango chunks into the blender.
  2. Add one banana. Do you always forget to freeze your bananas? No worries. It doesn’t need to be frozen for this recipe.
  3. Pour in one cup of your favorite plant-based milk. Okamoto’s favorite is unsweetened soy milk.

Cookbooks and podcast galore

Okamoto is the author of the Plant-Based on a Budget cookbook, and Cehn is the co-founder of the 12-Day Dairy Detox. Get these two together, and the end result is The Friendly Vegan Cookbook and the Plant-Powered People podcast. Check it out, and try these easy recipes on your own!

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