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Is the Job Market Fair?

Is the job search process fair? Who does it favor? Are some people at a disadvantage? These questions won’t be answered the same way by everyone. But it is true that the job search is rarely easy. Simply finding a job to pay the bills is challenging, but it’s more difficult to find a job that fits your specific qualifications. More and more people are taking jobs below their level of training or completely out of their field. Bold TV hosts David Grasso and Julia Sun discuss how the job market has evolved and why some people are branching out into entrepreneurship.

Employers find employees differently

One way the job market has changed is the way employers find employees. No longer do you see a “Help Wanted” ad and walk in for an interview. First, some employers simply ask their employees if they have recommendations. In this situation, you need to have the right friends and connections in your desired field. Second, many outsource the search to job platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed. They quickly can sift through resumes and profiles to find their desired qualities and skills. The difficult part about this system is that your resume needs to be attractive. Unfortunately, employers may see employment gaps as a red flag. So to fill those gaps, people may be forced to take less-than-ideal jobs.

From fighting the job market to entrepreneurship

Many people have completely abandoned the traditional job market because they think it’s unfair. So, they’ve decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Some even keep a day job while getting their startup off of the ground. With this approach, you have feet in both camps, keeping your resume filled while planning for the future. Yes, running your own business is difficult. But many people find the challenge worthwhile when they can build a career that works for them. What do you think? Is the job market fair? If so, are you tired of fighting the system?

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