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Veterans Share Their Transition into Entrepreneurship

After serving in the military, veterans find different ways to spend their time. Some try their hand at the business world and find similarities to their former profession. Paul Capon is a veteran and the founder of LunaCap Ventures. When Capon got out of the service, he was especially interested in entrepreneurship. This is common, as many people in the military like to build teams and create. So, he started LunaCap Ventures, a venture capital group that invests in companies that are owned or run by military, women and minorities. Now, they also have the LunaCap Foundation, which helps veterans, active-duty military and/or Mexicans to go to top tier business schools. They started with 10 fellows and now have 77. On Bold TV, we talk to Capon and LunaCap fellow Michael Bajuz about this transition.

Lessons that translate to entrepreneurship

One military lesson that helps people transition into entrepreneurship is leadership. Leaders don’t always have all of the answers. But when they build a team, they hire people who are smarter than they are. Leaders create and instill the vision for their team, and then the team works to enact the plan. That leads to the second lesson: trust. Whether in the military or in business, leaders need trustworthy employees and vice versa. If your employee is intelligent and proficient but can’t be trusted, this affects your workflow and organization.

Quote to live by

There are many quotes to live by in the military. Capon finds that this quote translates well into his business: A great plan executed now is better than a perfect one next week. Ninety percent of decisions have to be made, but only 10% have to be made correctly. This helps Capon focus on what’s most important and prioritize. Leaders can’t always agonize over every decision, whether in battle or in the office.


Some veterans further their education after service. These two officers are in grad school.

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