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The Truth About Targeted Ads

We’ve all experienced that odd feeling of being watched online. One day you’re thinking about buying a car, and the next, you see car ads on every social media platform. Some people make a joke out of it. One popular meme jokes about people’s individual FBI agent watching them through the phone camera. But the question looms in the back of our minds: How much do these companies know? This invasive targeted ad approach is dangerous for businesses because people completely ignore them or click “Skip Ad,” which even small children know how to do. So how can companies use targeted ads in a non-big brother way? Bold TV chats with the co-founders of Source Digital, a company that helps businesses monetize engagement without disruption.

Making marketing frictionless

One main problem with targeted ads is when they’re misguided. You may Google search a blender for your mom’s birthday, but then you may get blender ads for the next three months. How likely is it that you click on those ads months after you buy the gift? As a result of this confusion, the invasive targeted ad approach doesn’t always work. The customers learn to ignore these ads, which is the opposite desired effect. So what’s a possible solution? Source Digital aims to be frictionless and not enter a place where the customer doesn’t want ads. They work on technology that doesn’t let the algorithm hound you with creepy and specific suggestions.

Working on a conversion strategy

Marketing is necessary in the digital age, where people not only shop online but consume their content online. So, companies need to surpass native advertising, which is when you see an Apple computer in a movie. But there’s no way to directly turn that placement into a Google search. Businesses need a conversion strategy, which makes marketing worth it. It turns browsers into buyers. Source Digital created in-video moments. When the source watches a video, there will be moments that the viewer can choose to watch, not watch or save for later. This doesn’t take the user out of their experience and doesn’t cause as much friction. How does your business need to grow in advertising?

To learn more, check out this interview on social media marketing.

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