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Show and Tell: The Gryphon Tower Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Welcome back to Show and Tell, where Peter Salib unboxes sweet tech for every area of your life. In this episode, Salib checks out the Gryphon Tower Mesh Wi-Fi Security Router & Parental Control System. Are you always struggling with WiFi? As more of us are staying at home for work and school, we’re using more Internet. While it’s important to have fast internet speed, we also need to be aware of security. Whether you want to protect your own information from outsiders or protect your children from the world wide web, your WiFi should help you do that. Let’s see if the Gryphon router towers over the competition.

Keeping the WiFi network secure

It’s recently become common for people’s home security systems to be hacked, allowing strangers to look inside. So, it’s understandable for people to be wary of internet and smart devices. But with more than 20 years of experience in networking technology and security, the Gryphon co-founders know how to handle internet security. This router has built-in artificial intelligence that detects intrusions. It protects your network and all the IoT devices connected. IoT means the Internet of Things, and your ecosystem may include baby monitors, security cameras, smart televisions and more. And while you protect your network, you can protect your family with parental controls. With the Gryphon Tower, you can limit screen time, set bedtimes and see the browsing history.

Coverage to eliminate dead zones

If you live in a shoebox apartment, you don’t have to worry about your WiFi reaching the next room, but some people live in houses that have dead zones. The Gryphon Tower covers up to 3,000 square feet, giving you great network speed in whatever room you need. And don’t worry about speed. This piece of equipment uses the newest version of WiFi, which is AC. It has three bands, which means you can have even more devices on the same network. What do you think? Is it time to upgrade to the Tower?

Check out Bold TV and Grit Daily for more Show and Tell. Salib will be back soon to unbox more tech, but until then, check out previous videos here and here!

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