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This Dr. Scholl’s Expert Talks Foot Health

Health probably has been at the forefront of your mind in 2020. But there’s one area of your body that you may be neglecting: your feet. As the country transitions into reopening, you’ll be wearing dress shoes again. Experts say that your feet aren’t ready to jump back into business casual. Charlie Lundy is the vice president of research and development for Dr. Scholl’s Wellness Company. He tells Bold TV how to prioritize foot health during and after quarantine because “happy feet equal a happy mind.”

Two reasons your feet may be hurting

There are two main reasons your feet aren’t ready for “normal.” First, you may not have gotten much exercise in the past six months. And no one can blame you! While some people used quarantine to get in shape, others may have struggled to adjust to working, parenting, schooling and living all at home. But without your usual exercise, such as walking to work or taking the stairs, your feet will struggle to return to normal. Second, you haven’t been wearing shoes. Why would you wear high heels or loafers to work in your living room? Scholls said that 80% of people they asked have been wearing socks or slippers since the beginning of quarantine. Lundy says that your feet weren’t meant to walk on concrete, tile and hardwood floors.

Tips for healthy feet

When your feet hurt, it affects the rest of your body and your mood. So what can you do to help keep your feet healthy? Exercise them every day, from your toes to your Achilles heel. You should walk every day to build up those muscles. And you also should massage your feet to stimulate the blood flow. Finally, wear shoes with good support. When you sacrifice comfort for style, you’ll pay for it later!


If you want to take up running to improve your foot health, check this out for tips!

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