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Could the Country Survive Another Lockdown?

2020 has brought more and more hurdles as the year progressed, and no one wants to further jinx our country’s situation. But what if the U.S. goes into another nationwide lockdown? It’s been five months since the nation closed to slow the spread of the virus and avoid overcrowding hospitals. Recently, states have begun the phases of reopening. But as cases rise, the question is on the table: Could we return to total lockdown? In a recent interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that if America bands together, the country could avoid another shutdown. But can we handle it? David and Julia of Bold TV discuss our options.

Pros and cons of a lockdown

Some places such as New York City have been strict on reopening phases. But their economy is under collapse, with an unemployment rate of 20 percent. On the other hand, Florida has been reopening faster and therefore recovering economically. But how much of a toll did that take on health? How does the nation find a happy medium? Better yet, is there a happy medium? The more we open, the more cases we have. But can people handle another lockdown psychologically or economically? It’s a sensitive balance. What do you think?

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