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Social Media: 3 Tips on What Not to Share

Everyone is on social media these days. It’s a part of everyday life –– the personal and professional areas. You can learn about any and every topic, from overseas politics to dinner recipes. You can follow your favorite celebrity or your distant cousin. But as much as we consume social media, we also produce it. And over the years, we’ve learned what not to share on the internet. David Grasso and Julia Sun of Bold TV chat about the “don’ts” for professionals.

3 Tips on Sharing

  1. Don’t divulge every little detail. Oversharing can turn off your audience, especially your close friends. And oversharing leaves nothing up to the imagination, which leads us to the next tip. 
  2. Assume that everyone is always watching. Potential employers use social media to scope out their applicants. If you post content of you drinking alcohol, partying or even ranting on certain subjects, you may not get the job.
  3. Social media is forever. You can delete something, but long live screenshots! Think before you post. You never know what can come back to haunt you. Check out this example from Shaun King. 

In 2018, King tweeted that he wouldn’t support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of their “dismal history on criminal justice reform.”

But in 2020, he tweeted that “Kamala Harris is the most progressive VP nominee in American history” and that he was “incredibly proud.” Many people took to social media to call King out for this contradiction, using screenshots of his tweets.

Social media can make or break you

We’ve seen influencers make their living by posting content. But we’ve also seen the headlines where someone posts the wrong thing at the wrong time. The internet has many unwritten rules about content. But it’s easy to learn by watching others. Be careful out there! And use the internet wisely.

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