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3 Lessons to Learn From a Nine-Figure Earner

3 Lessons to Learn From a Nine-Figure Earner
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Do you ever feel like there are no set rules for success? You can’t just drop out of college and automatically become the next Steve Jobs. It seems like people make their fortunes in a million different ways. That may be true, and you can’t follow someone’s exact footsteps. But many successful people say there’s a formula that works. Cody Sperber is the co-founder of 100 Million Academy, a company of more than 20 nine-figure earners. They are industry titans and experts in entrepreneurship who share their own road maps to success. Sperber chats with Bold TV about how success leaves a trail of clues and how entrepreneurs can follow them. 

Consistency, Accountability, Focus

There isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme to become successful in business. But experts say there is a formula. You always need consistency, accountability and focusing on the right things at the right time. Over time, these three ingredients help you grow into a successful entrepreneur. Then, once you have a foundation, you create a butterfly effect. This is a great time to start a business because unemployment is high. So, you get a staff to run your business while also improving unemployment. Employment and empowerment can lead to larger changes, such as closing the wealth gap. Before you know it, you are the head of a thriving company.


Multiple streams of income

When entrepreneurs want certainty in their life, they may create multiple streams of income. With more and more businesses going online, there are a lot of opportunities to do this. Side hustles are easy to start online. And another important factor of your online business is social media. Sperber says to always use social media as a creator instead of a consumer. Building a personal brand and creating original content helps build a loyal audience. And your customers make your company run. Check out the 100 Million Academy for more nine-figure advice!

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