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How to Dispute Credit Card Charges

How to Dispute Credit Card Charges
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Picture this: You order something online and pay with your credit card. The package never arrives, but the website says they delivered it. And they’re not giving your money back. What about losing money on canceled flights? Does all this sound familiar? These situations cause stress on our bank account and our mental health. But there may be a way to fight these situations and get refunds.

Can you really get refunds?

If you use a credit card, you probably realize its many benefits like building your credit score or gaining rewards points. Cards definitely have made it easier to shop online. But the ease also has increased fraudulent charges or companies that won’t refund your hard-earned money. But have you ever heard of a credit card dispute? Our host David Grasso has some good advice from personal experience.


How to dispute credit card charges

If there’s a billing error on your card, you have the right to dispute that charge with your credit card company. It takes a little work, and you don’t win every dispute. But it’s worth it when you get your money back. If your package never arrived or you were charged multiple times, send a dispute letter to your company. They’ll typically refund the amount. And here’s another pro-tip. Contact the business that won’t refund your money (e.g. an online site). Tell them that if they won’t refund the money, you’ll file a dispute with your card company. They may go ahead and give you a refund to skip the trouble. 


Not sure which card company to choose? Check this out.

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