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Nail Your Job Interview With These 5 Tips

Nail Your Job Interview With These 5 Tips
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Do you have that pre-interview anxiety? We’ve got you covered. Some introverts are worried about making a lasting impression. And some extroverts are nervous about connecting through Zoom interviews. Whatever your concerns, Bold TV got to chat with communications and speaking coach Neil Gordon. He gave us five tips to communicate well and land that job!

5 job interview tips

  1. Show up and be present. The hiring manager is a person, too. They even may have mild anxiety around new people. Enter the room with a handshake and eye contact. Say “Nice to meet you” and ask a simple, courteous question like “How’s your day going?” This connection will get your interview off to a good start.
  2. Think less about you. Nervousness happens when you’re caught up in your own story. But effective communication values the recipient over the sender. To get out of your head, focus on the interviewer. Listen and engage when they answer your simple “How are you?” Remember, the interviewer is a person who wants to be seen and heard.
  3. Think less about your goals and more about your impact. Remember, getting this job is about the future impact you could have on the organization. You have value. Be confident in how your work could cause change for the better. 
  4. Look at the camera in a computer interview. Your natural tendency is to look at the other person on screen. But the other person feels your eyes just below their eyes. This creates separation. But when you look at your camera, you automatically engage better. 
  5. Prepare for the dreaded “strengths and weaknesses” question. Start with your strength. Then, use that strength to show how you’re trying to overcome your weakness. For example, if your weakness is speaking up in meetings, you’re probably good at focusing on your deskwork. Start with how you are great at individual work. Then, say that you’re working on compensating for your weakness. You may email your coworkers after meetings to agree with their idea. Show you’re aware and actively improving.

Ultimately, be comfortable in your own skin. Let your interviewer see you, and hopefully, you’ll be the one for the job! For more interview tips, check this out.

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