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What Are the Best Blue-Collar Job Options?

What Are the Best Blue-Collar Job Options?
Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

Blue-collar work often has been overlooked by younger generations. Many people grow up hearing that college is the best way to secure your future. But society is changing. Blue-collar jobs are constantly in demand. And people who want an alternative to college are finding successful careers in the blue-collar world. Our Bold TV hosts David Grasso and Julia Sun discuss some lucrative jobs that don’t require thousands of dollars in student debt. 

  • Energy workers. As the world’s bright minds search for alternatives to fossil fuel power, the energy field will need labor. 
  • Electricians/plumbers. Find someone to teach you these skills, and your skills will always be in demand.
  • Air conditioning tech. Have you ever experienced that desperation when your AC goes out in the middle of August? People will pay serious money for someone to fix the problem ASAP.
  • Mechanics. During recessions, people don’t buy new cars as much. What happens to their existing cars? They break down, and someone needs to fix them. 
  • Dental and pharmacy assistants. If you’re interested in health care but not med school, you can be an assistant or tech. You’ll need some training but not the MCAT.


The good news is that there are plenty more blue-collar jobs out there. College isn’t the only option to earn a comfortable living. And if you work your way up the ladder, you could make a bigger salary than your friends who chose expensive education. To learn more about the growing demand and surprising benefits of blue-collar work, check out this advice from Ken Rusk of Rusk Industries.

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