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Are You More Suited for a Blue-Collar Job?

Are You More Suited for a Blue-Collar Job?
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Growing up, what did you think about blue-collar jobs? Were your parents blue-collar workers who pushed you to go to college? Were your parents white-collar workers who laid a corporate path for you? Whatever your background, many people believe college is the safest way to have a career and earn a living. But many blue-collar workers have unique and specialized trades that put them in demand. Ken Rusk is the founder of Rusk Industries and the author of Blue Collar Cash: Love Your Work, Secure Your Future, and Find Happiness For Life. He joins Bold TV to talk about why our country needs more blue-collar workers and how they can make a great living.

Blue-collar jobs are in demand

Do you remember learning about supply and demand in school? If the supply goes down, the demand goes up. Rusk says that the supply of blue-collar workers has been very low for years. He believes that one main reason for this decline is that many schools removed shop class from their curriculum. Schools may have shown students only the academic side of preparing for the real world. But if everyone goes the college route, the path to blue-collar work has more opportunity. And when supply is low when demand is high, the price of goods goes way up. Workers in certain sectors like construction, service and energy could make up to six figures if these trends continue. 


Don’t go to college just for the “fun” of it

If you take the college route to learn a specific skill, such as being a doctor or accountant, that’s fine. But Rusk suggests that you don’t go to college just for the “fun” of it. Instead of spending money for four years, you could be making that money in the blue-collar world. If you’d like to work with your hands instead of in an office, maybe check out your other options. You just might find your calling.

For some viable blue-collar options, check this out.

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