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How Women Can Get Ahead in the Workplace

How Women Can Get Ahead in the Workplace
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Only 37 of 500 Fortune 500 CEOs are women. What’s the hold up? Should women be doing more to get those corporate leadership positions? It’s not a matter of more but a matter of perspective. Gina DeVee is a success coach and author of The Audacity To Be Queen. She joins Bold TV to share the mindset techniques that successful people know. These are her four surefire tips for women to get ahead in the workplace.

Four tips to get ahead in the workplace

  • Give yourself permission. So many women have been trained to get permission from other people or to see what society says is OK. Give yourself permission, and don’t look for it in anyone else.
  • Kill “Little Miss Perfect.” The No. 1 reason why women aren’t going for the bigger positions is because they have been trained to think they have to know it all. Let’s take a note from the guys’ playbook on this one. They don’t think they have to be perfect to throw their hat in the ring. “Fake it ‘til you make it” can work for you.
  • Excellence and mastery are not perfection. Perfection is for poor people. Mastery is for those who go for success.
  • No matter your goal, it’s all an internal mind game. Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. But others have the dream to climb the corporate ladder. It’s not about what you do. But it’s about who you are and how you view yourself. That is the internal mindset game.

Desire versus logic

You may find it difficult to fiercely go after your dreams. It can be daunting to “kill little miss perfect” or “give yourself permission.” But it may be because your brain is more logical. DeVee says she leads by desire and lets logic follow. You have to decide: How do you want to live?

Need more tips from boss women? Check this out.

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