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How To Succeed Despite a Pink Collar Recession

How To Succeed Despite a Pink Collar Recession
Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

You may have heard talk about a recession, but did you know it affects groups of people differently? As an effect of a struggling economy, women are going through a pink collar recession. They face unemployment, less work hours and, of course, lack of childcare. So what can women do? Angelique Rewers is the CEO of The Corporate Agent, a company that coaches solo experts, entrepreneurs and small enterprises to win corporate clients. She chats with Bold TV about the pink collar recession and how women can overcome these circumstances. 

Women know how to succeed in the recession

Women across the country are already showing their determination. We’ve seen that problems breed opportunity. And they may not want to go back to their career after the economy revives. Avon announced a 114% surge in representatives. Women are finding new jobs in the gig economy. And they’re becoming accidental entrepreneurs by starting companies with their skills. Many times, women control the household spending. They understand what other women will buy. What’s one piece of advice from Rewers about starting your own business? Make sure you know your target audience. And make sure they’re profitable. The No. 1 rule in business is follow the money.


The corporate world

While women are finding alternatives to their traditional careers, we may see a tip in the corporate gender balance. But if there isn’t diversity in leadership, issues like the pink collar recession will continue to happen. There are a few perspectives that some women believe should change in order to really make a difference in representation. First, people may see confident and bold women as bossy. Women can be assertive leaders in the workplace without being judged. Second, women are often judged more harshly when they make life decisions, such as having children or not. If they’re appreciated instead of penalized, maybe they will stay in the corporate world. What effects of the pink collar recession do you see in your field?


For more on women in the workplace, check out this video.

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