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How Do We Maintain Our Mental Health in Response to the Recent Protests?

How Do We Maintain Our Mental Health in Response to the Recent Protests?
Photographer: Claudia Wolff

Recent nationwide protests and conversations on topics such as racism and police brutality may cause anxiety and stress. Bold Life sat down with experts about helping your children and yourself through these challenging times. Host Zayna Allen chats with mental health advocate Achea Redd and maternity wellness expert Latham Thomas. Here are some helpful tips to check in not only with your kids but also with yourself. 

How to help your child understand

Many parents wonder how to have conversations with their kids about racism, police brutality and protest. How do you know they’re ready to understand? CNN and Sesame Street recently hosted a town hall that tackled these difficult topics. So, it’s possible to have discussions with young children. Here are some guidelines:


  1. It’s never too early to broach these subjects.
  2. Use books, tool guides and online resources for ideas.
  3. You can’t have the race talk with your kids until you understand black history.
  4. Have the discussions in light of history. They will think these situations are all of a sudden if they don’t know the progression of historical timelines.


How to manage your own anxiety

Media and specifically social media have been flooded with racially charged content for weeks. Sometimes consuming content drains you of energy and happiness. On top of that, many people are still quarantined without the support of friends and family. Here are some mental health tips for when you’re feeling drained:


  1. Discern how much media you take in. Watch what you consume because it consumes you.
  2. Check in daily with yourself. See how your emotions are being held in your body.
  3. Do things that make you happy.
  4. Embrace therapy as a pathway to self-care.


It’s easy to become consumed by the constant flood of information and emotion. But times like these require extra attention to mental health. And if your mental health isn’t OK, how can you be there for others? 


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