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Show and Tell: The Everykey

Photographer: Harpal Singh

The more digitally connected we become, the more passwords we have to remember. And experts encourage us to use more intricate passwords as hackers get smarter. Before we know it, we can’t keep track of all our important information! But Peter Salib is back to unbox a brand new security product that links passwords from your phone, house and everything in between. New hacks happen every day. But the Everykey is a tiny, Bluetooth-enabled device with big capabilities. So check out this tech unboxing on Bold TV to see why Everykey is essential!


Keeping your passwords safe

Everykey is a security product that communicates wirelessly with all your devices. But how is using this product different from typing your passwords in a note on your phone? This device helps you gain access to all your devices with two-factor authentication. This means that you have to not only use the correct password but also have the Everykey on hand. So even if a hacker types in your password, the system won’t give them access! And don’t worry. Your passwords aren’t stored on the device or Everykey servers. They’re stored on your device. If you lose your Everykey, you can freeze it with the app. 


Everykey is legit software

A fun fact about Everykey: the investor behind the company is John McAfee. He created a little computer security software that was on millions of computers for years. So maybe this tiny device is skilled at protecting important information. If you think you don’t need extra protection, Salib has an interesting exercise for you to try. Visit this website and plug in your email. You may be surprised at how many hacks have used your information without your knowledge! With this device, you have military-grade security. And it’s easy to use!


Check out more of Peter Salib’s Show and Tell segment on Bold TV and Grit Daily.

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