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Show and Tell: ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device

Stuffy sinus season is upon us. Spring comes around, and pollen casts a shadow on the beautiful weather. Somehow, tiny particles give us headaches, congestion, sinus pressure and more. Spring 2020 was worse because many of us couldn’t decide if we had seasonal allergies or COVID-19. But for those who really do just have allergies, Peter Salib has a new “Show and Tell” segment on Bold TV. In this episode, he’s unboxing the ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief Device. This piece of tech won an innovation award at a recent CES show. Let’s see how it works out of the box!


How does it relieve sinus pain?

The ClearUp device doesn’t use any medicine and doesn’t have chemical side effects. It creates and sends microcurrents throughout your body. These currents modulate the naturally occurring electrical currents in your body. Once you wave the device on the sinus area of your face, it releases the microcurrents directly into your skin to relieve the pain and pressure. The treatments last only five minutes, and the currents also work as a preventative measure. While the process sounds disconcerting, the FDA approved it. So you can use ClearUp as many times as necessary. Just charge it through a USB cord, and it will last for six hours. Let those currents dissolve that pressure!


Clearing the path for medical innovations

The ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief device received recognition for its cutting edge technology. It won an innovation award, “Last Gadget Standing,” at the CES show in Las Vegas. The technology isn’t new, but it’s quickly gaining popularity. Experts predict that this type of tech is clearing a path for new medical innovations. Now is the perfect time to use this tech to your advantage. Goodbye seasonal allergy pain!

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