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Doctors Discuss Staying Healthy As The Country Reopens

Which vitamins boost your immunity the most? Should you get tested for COVID-19 antibodies? Nothing makes people hyper-aware of their health like a global pandemic. And as the country reopens, you may wonder how to safely return to the real world. Experts encouraged us to wear masks and wash our hands. But is that all we can do until another wave hits? Bold TV chats with Dr. Abe Malkin, founder of Concierge MD LA, and Dr. Daryl Gioffre, celebrity nutritionist. These two doctors give vital information on how to return to work safely, build up your immune system and prevent exponential growth of the virus. 


Staying healthy with antibody testing

People across the country are vying for antibody tests even though the accuracy is about 50 percent. But experts say if they only capture 50 percent of positives, it will vastly improve their ability to contain the virus. More information is always helpful to stop exponential spread. Testing is also important for people returning to work. There are three types of tests. First is the swab test for an accurate diagnostic. Second is antibody testing. The third test, antigen testing, is coming soon. It combines the diagnostic feature of the first test and the rapid results of the second one. 


Nutrition is an important part of immunity

Many of us felt the stress of quarantine and abandoned healthy eating. I mean, bread-making was one of the biggest trends. And sugar and carbohydrates increase inflammation and drain you of minerals. It also makes you gain weight: the Lockdown 15. How can we help our bodies be stronger against the virus? First, it begins with what you eat. Nutritious foods like green, leafy vegetables give your body vitamins and minerals it needs to function. Next, think about what you drink. Dr. Gioffre says “the solution to pollution is dilution.” Drinking lots of water helps your body get rid of toxins. Then, you can take immune supplements. To learn about a supplement with 1,000 times more of an antioxidant than Vitamins E, C and elderberry, check out the interview!

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