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Bold TV Show and Tell: Unboxing the Whistle Pet GPS and Fitness Tracker

Do you remember show-and-tell from elementary school? This new segment is almost like that. But instead of our favorite stuffed animal, we’re showing off the latest in high tech gadgets. Peter Salib of Grit Daily joins Bold TV for the tech unboxing segment “Show and Tell.” He is a columnist for Grit Daily and a regular at the annual CES gathering. In this segment, Salib unboxes the Whistle Pet GPS and Fitness Tracker. This gadget is for all those dog parents with free-spirited pets. 


Whistle for the runaway

Dog owners take their jobs seriously. They do what it takes to give their furry friend a good life. One of the popular ways to take care of your pet is to get them chipped at the vet. But a popular misconception of the chip is that it tracks your pet. It’s simply an ID chip. While ID is important, trackers are essential. When dogs run away, they are in danger of cars, other dangerous animals and people. This GPS tracker is to help dog parents prepare for a runaway! Owners can download the app and set a range. The tracker clips on to any collar, and the dog can’t leave the set parameters. But if they do, the app alerts the owner. Then, they can track their dog to a three-meter section. 


Keeping furry friends active

While the Whistle helps owners track their pet’s position, it also tracks their fitness. Not every dog is playful and hyper. Some like to lounge around, eat and take long naps. And owners aren’t always at home to keep track of their pets’ activity. But with their app, they can check how active their dog is, whether they’re at home, at work or on vacation. If you’re a concerned pet owner, check out this awesome piece of tech! And Salib will be back with another segment of “Show and Tell.”

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