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Remote Working Is The Future

Photo by : Chris Montgomery

When Twitter announced its employees could work from home forever, we couldn’t help but wonder if this company paved the way for our new normal. How many industries and business sectors will follow Twitter and let employees work remotely? Liam Martin is the co-founder and CMO of Time Doctor, a company that helps businesses build and manage remote work teams. They’ve been working remotely for the past 10 years. And he believes people are beginning to see the appeal of working away from a traditional office setting. He chats with Bold TV about the widespread move to remote work in the future. 

Work-from-home advice

The biggest appeal to remote working is the freedom. But its benefits can also become downsides. When people have too much freedom, they may find their productivity and drive go down. One important piece of advice is to clearly distinguish between your work and your personal space. If you can leave home to work –– after the country reopens –– you should work outside or at a coffee shop. Working in another setting can help you keep work away from home. But if you can’t leave your house, find a spot that’s only for work. When you sit in this spot, you psychologically know it is time to work. 

Remote working can be cheaper

While people are forced into working from home, they may decide they like the lifestyle. One appeal of working remotely is the ability to escape urban mega-cities. Martin suggests buying real estate in a small city with a well-received university. These types of cities offer the perks of urban life: entertainment, coffee shops, yoga studios and more. They also offer the perk of lower living costs. Working remotely allows people to move out of the expensive big cities. Then, they don’t have to give up a large portion of their paycheck just for rent. Do you think you could work remotely from now on? Or are you ready to get back to the office?

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