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This Company Is Updating Corporate Wellness

Photographer: Brooke Cagle

Many CEOs discover their great idea through experiencing a problem. At least, founder and CEO of Healthkick Erika Zauner experienced this. She had been working in the corporate world and found it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the long hours. But the main issue was that her employers didn’t have an attractive corporate wellness program. They had the typical gym membership and Weight Watchers discounts. Because of this problem, Zauner created a solution. Healthkick is a corporate wellness membership that makes employees want to be healthy because it feels like a perk. Zauner chats with Bold TV about how this company is even more relevant since the global pandemic. 


Updating corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs are typically outdated and not motivational. But the consumer space for wellness is flourishing. People are becoming more focused on their holistic health. Updated membership programs bridge the gap between these two worlds. Healthkick provides access to new and trending brands, such as Orange Theory Fitness, Hello Fresh and the Calm meditation app. Employees get personalized assistance to find the brands that fit their individual lifestyles. Gone are the days of having a gym membership but never using it. If you prioritize clean eating over weight lifting, there’s an option for that. 


Wellness in a pandemic 

COVID-19 heightened our senses and increased our awareness of health. And wellness is more than basic hygiene, like hand washing. To have a strong immune system, people need to get rest, eat healthy and stay fit. Most corporate wellness programs don’t prioritize or even meet employees’ health needs. But why should executives care? First, health insurance is expensive. Having sick employees means paying more money. Second, happy and healthy employees hopefully mitigate quick turnover. If companies can keep their employees well, they create a stronger community. People are becoming more aware of how their well-being influences every area of life. Shouldn’t the corporate world make holistic wellness part of their culture?

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