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Why Mentorship is Essential During a Pandemic

Why Mentorship is Essential During a Pandemic
Photographer: Monica Melton

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and wished you just had the advice of someone more experienced? Almost every has been there, and it is one reason mentorship is so popular in business. Entrepreneurs face everyday challenges and need wisdom from someone who has been there. Mark Timm wanted a business mentor and sought out Kevin Harrington, an original shark from Shark Tank on ABC. He expected to receive guidance for business. What he didn’t anticipate was applying those lessons to his interactions with family at home. He became an entrepreneurial dad, a CEO dad. This pair decided to write Mentor to Millions, a book about the life of an entrepreneur and his mentor. They chat with Bold TV about the importance of mentorship.

The Process of a Mentee

One piece of advice during quarantine: you should be reaching out to your mentor. But where do you start? First, figure out your mentor’s level. A high-profile person might be tough to contact. You might think Mark Cuban is the pinnacle, but be a little more realistic. Pick someone who will have time to mentor you. Sometimes you may find them through mutual friends. Once you find someone, you have to be direct in telling them what you want. Tell them what you do and how their help would be invaluable to your business. If they decide you’re worth the input, you then need to be their best student. When mentors see you listening intently and following their advice, they will want to invest more in you. 

Bringing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Home

Some entrepreneurs may find themselves energetic and positive about work. But they feel uninspired and unfruitful at home. The business lessons they get from a mentor can translate into many areas of life. Mentor to Millions shares the journey of bringing that entrepreneurial spirit back home. The book launch is coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this duo’s full interview!

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