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How to Get Over Zoom Overload & Enjoy Virtual Events

How to Get Over Zoom Overload & Enjoy Virtual Events
Photographer: Charles Deluvio

Timing is everything. And sometimes it brings big surprises. CEO of Aventri, Jim Sharpe, stepped into his new position just before the global pandemic seized control of social gatherings. Aventri is an event and meeting management company. At face value, this doesn’t seem like the best time to be in the business of bringing people together. But virtual meeting platforms are making a way for events to continue. Aventri powers about 100,000 events around the world annually. Now they’re converting those into a virtual format. Sharpe chats with Bold TV about how their company has evolved to meet the needs of their clients. 

Event Planning Without Social Gathering

There are two things you can do to create a rich, virtual experience. First, pick the right partner to help. Aventri has three partners that provide the necessary software to their clients. Other virtual programs may be overloaded, so Aventri offers a professional experience. Second, don’t abandon your original vision for the event or meeting. Users also can make their virtual event as true to the original plan as possible. Whether it was supposed to be in an exhibit hall or in small break-out sessions, there’s a creative solution. And you don’t have to give up on networking opportunities. Virtual happy hours are becoming more popular. Whatever the vision, Aventri tries to steer companies, event planners, and marketers in the right direction and make it happen. 

Embracing the Change

Aventri had previous experience with virtual meetings, as they have employees all over the world. But not every business can embrace the change that easily. If you’re hesitant to cancel your important event or meeting, find out what resources are available. In times of global change, there always will be people with an entrepreneurial spirit who are rising to the challenge. Check out the full interview!

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