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Leading Your Team While Working Remotely

Leading Your Team While Working Remotely
Photographer: Austin Distel

Social distancing can be tough on its own. But for some working people, it is not the best way to get the job done. Most of America is now working from home. While the laid-back environment might have been enjoyable for the first few days, it’s most likely worn off. Everyone in the office from the executives to the interns is missing the physical connection with people. But companies now have the challenge to use this situation to their advantage. Sarah Hodges, Executive Coach and owner of Hodges Coaching, helps leaders and employees connect with each other while working remotely. She chats with Bold TV about how “work doesn’t have to be all about work.”

Communication is a Two-Way Street

Stress can feel immobilizing and make people withdrawn. Leaders should get creative in reaching out to their employees. They send care packages, including adult coloring books and puzzles. Some send video updates on their daily lives, such as their fitness success. This communication allows workers to feel seen. They also experience a deeper connection than they would through pleasantries at the office. On the employee side, how can they show how committed to the job they are? It’s important to not over-communicate ideas. Employers may be feeling stress, and another idea or request may cause pressure. By using empathy, gauge when it’s the right time to speak up or stay quiet. 

Adapting to Your Situation

No one knows for sure exactly how long companies will have their employees work from home. Hodges thinks that social distancing will come and go in waves and that people will work remotely for a while. Will companies realize the immense cost savings when employees work from home? Or will everyone be so desperate to leave home that they go back to the office for good? Because the future is uncertain, leaders and employees have to deal with their current situation. That means making the most of their long-distance work relationships.

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