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Easy Ways to Help Your Local Restaurants

Easy Ways to Help Your Local Restaurants
Photographer: Fabio Alves

Don’t you miss going out to your favorite restaurant and actually sitting down? The global pandemic has completely changed the restaurant industry. Social distancing rules have forced these businesses to operate only through take-out and delivery. And owners face the decision to lay off employees in order to stay afloat.  Some restaurants are moving into the grocery game just to make ends meet. The restaurant industry is tough under normal circumstances. But now, it’s even more challenging. Bold TV chats with Andy Wiederhorn, president and CEO of FAT Brands, Inc., about these difficult circumstances.

How Restaurants are Adapting

No one wants to see restaurants go down. So lawmakers devised the Paycheck Protection Program to help these businesses stay above water. While this plan may help some employers keep their staff, it may not be enough to pay the bills. Restaurateurs are becoming innovative in how they make money! Some are selling their products –– drinks, meat, etc. –– in bulk. Some are dipping into their wine cellars. Business as usual may be evolving, so restaurants have to keep up. Keeping a business going during a crisis takes new ideas and the courage to step out and try.

How to Help Restaurants Survive

What can you do? The number one way to help restaurants is to keep ordering food from them. The only way they can stay in business is if they maintain customers. And hole-in-the-wall spots rely even more on their regulars. By continuing to order from your favorite restaurants, you are directly contributing to their survival. Another way to help these businesses is to buy gift cards. Whether you save them for later or give them to your friends and family, you’re still offering your support. Check out the full conversation with Wiederhorn, and order some take-out!

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