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Paulina Chávez Talks Her Career, Netflix’s ‘The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia,’ and More!

Paulina Chávez Talks Her Career, Netflix’s ‘The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia,’ and More!
Photographer: Mollie Sivaram

Looking for a light TV show that won’t bring you down from the drama? Looking for some Latina representation? If yes, there’s a new Netflix show The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia that you should put on your watchlist! Paulina Chávez plays Ashley Garcia, a 15-year-old Latina who is the youngest person ever to earn a Ph.D. While Garcia is building robots for NASA, she’s also trying to figure out being a teenager (which may be more difficult, TBH). To top it off, she moves in with her uncle, who’s a former football player for the Dallas Cowboys. (The genes in this family must have been a good batch.) And the show is a comedy about figuring out life! Zayna from Bold Life sat down with Chávez to talk about the new show.

A Win for Representation in Television

This Netflix show has been a great opportunity for the teen actress. She hasn’t graduated high school, but she’s been on that audition grind for almost five years already! When she saw the script for Expanding, something grabbed her attention. The main character was not only Latina but also incredibly smart. She was so proud to see a script for this type of character. She knew she wanted to audition. With this type of representation, she feels a responsibility to be a role model for kids who identify with the lead character. The actress hopes that young people will see they can follow their dreams. They can do anything if they set their mind to their goals and work hard.

The Expanding Universe of Paulina Chávez

More of Chávez’s dreams are coming true, as she’s worked with Expanding creator Mario Lopez and guest director Eva Longoria on the show. They are both incredibly kind and talented people. They inspire her to continue to set higher goals, like to eventually produce and direct. While this girl follows her dreams, check her out on Netflix!

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