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Embracing Your Inner Boss

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What’s the essence of a boss? Is it confidence? Work ethic? Or is it what Fifth Harmony sang: “Michelle Obama, purse so heavy, gettin’ Oprah dollars”? Women are on a mission to figure it out. Jodyann Prendergast is the author of Boss Enough to Start and founder of the Essence of the Boss Conference. The three-day event brings together women from across the country to share their contacts, resources and keyholders. Through sharing secrets and connections, these women create stronger networks and relationships. Prendergast visits Bold Life to chat about the conference and her book –– like a boss. 

Networking to find the Essence of the Boss

Part of the Essence of the Boss is don’t be shy! No one at the conference will deny helping a sister out. If you ask for resources, you’ll get them. And there are plenty of opportunities to chat with boss ladies. Friday night is VIP night with a special treat: it’s on a yacht! The conference is on Saturday, followed by a VIP awards dinner. Sunday ends the weekend with a brunch and celebrity “sip and shop.” Celebrity boss women from all areas of business will be present to share lifetimes of knowledge. 

Being Boss Enough to Start 

Essence of a Boss inspired Pendergrast to write her book. One of the common obstacles to all these women being bosses was that first step. But she found that if you’re “boss enough to start,” your confidence and power will continue to grow. A good start lays a solid foundation for good business. Then, after starting, the next battle is sustaining. Essence of the Boss is working on sustaining now. They hope to do pop-up-stops in different states. They want to extend their reach so women know their mission. Looking at the future is the life of a boss! To learn more about the conference, check out Essence of the Boss on Instagram.

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