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Here’s Why Monday Matters

Here’s Why Monday Matters
Photographer: Ramiz Dedakovic

We’ve all felt that nagging feeling of dread on Sunday, knowing that in a few short hours the week will begin. We sing “just another manic Monday” and know the exact feeling. But Matthew Emerzian doesn’t understand why people love to hate a day of the week. He believes it’s all about perspective. We can see Monday as the beginning of something bad or boring, or we can view it as the beginning of something good and exciting. He is the founder of the nonprofit Every Monday Matters and author of You Matter. Just like your perception of Monday depends on perspective, so does your perception on what’s in the mirror. Check out the conversation on Bold TV. 

How to Make Every Monday Matter

Every Monday Matters has different options for people to get a jumpstart on the week. They create programs for school kids (K-12), corporate workers, and individuals. And a new set is sent out every (you guessed it) Monday. Monday is their “how.” It’s their means, the best way to get their information out there. But their “why” is that they want you to know how much you matter. All of their content is based around this message, and it hopefully helps kids, adults, workers, and employees to start their week in a positive and empowered mindset. 


Making Your Time Matter

During this time of global pandemic, people are spending more time at home, which can have negative effects. Isolation, loneliness and depression could begin to set in and cause other health problems. Emerzian believes that it’s important to connect with people. It’s important to believe “you matter” enough to create a routine, be active, reach out to people, and try your best to make the situation work. It’s also a perfect time to join Every Monday Matters or read You Matter. The stories are fun, emotional and inspiring. Make this time in your life matter!

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