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Former Olympic Swimmer Shares Tokyo 2020 Games Predictions

Former Olympic Swimmer Shares Tokyo 2020 Games Predictions
Photographer: Dylan Nolte

A lot of the world is uncertain right now. Schools, places of worship, bars, workplaces and many events are canceled or postponed until further notice. The Summer Olympics always has been a legendary event that you could count on every four years. But now, as with many events, there is a question mark beside the 2020 games in Tokyo. Melinda Harrison competed as a swimmer in the 1984 Olympics. Now, she joins Bold TV to discuss the Olympics from the perspective of the athlete.

What Goes Through the Mind of an Olympic Athlete?

Uncertainty isn’t good for the mindset of an Olympic athlete. Focus is everything. When Harrison was shooting for the 1980 Olympic Games, she was a senior in high school. But this was the year of the boycott, and times were uncertain. She decided to enjoy a few months off to enjoy senior year. But because she lost focus, she didn’t make the 1980 team. Olympic athletes should train as if the 2020 games were definitely happening. Athletes are naturally addictive. That’s how they train with such dedication. But if they lose focus, they can begin to obsess on things that aren’t productive. When things are out of control, they have to focus on what they can control: training. 


Effect on Olympic Athletes’ Training

While athletes need to hold tight to training, a lot of them are unable to train right now. Because of quarantines, social distancing, closed facilities and possible sickness, the playing field is not level. Every country’s athletes may be in different situations. One country’s competitors may be able to train normally. But other countries may be in a more serious situation and can’t train as needed. Olympic athletes are on four-year plans to peak at the trials and then peak again at the games. But the pandemic has affected their rigorous schedules. Stay tuned to see if the Games will prevail or if they will be postponed or scaled down in response to the global pandemic.

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