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Get Paid Daily on Your Own Time

Get Paid Daily on Your Own Time
Photographer: Jason Strull

Have you ever finished a work-week and realized you had another week before payday? Do you wish you could have your money right when you’ve earned it? There was a time in history where people were paid daily, but now the norm is weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. So, the payroll system needed a pioneer: an app called DailyPay. This app works with employers to help employees access their pay faster. Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer of DailyPay, visits Bold TV to share how the app works.

DailyPay Gives People Options

Mullen has had five of her own start-ups, so why would she choose to join DailyPay? She saw that the company was a leader in an important field. Also, the system helps families by giving them the option that they didn’t have before. As soon as the employee earns the money, they can access it or earmark it for savings. There is also a unique opportunity for employers. DailyPay requires a fee for every early transaction. But companies have the option to pay the fee for their employees as incentives or benefits. It’s about opportunity.

Paid Daily

Get Paid Daily In Any Payroll Service

People are serious about their money. It’s no surprise that payroll needs to be very precise. If you mess up someone’s payroll, it won’t be pretty. But the payroll system is complicated. Some companies have thousands of employees working different shifts, overtime, paid vacations, raises, and taxes. Can DailyPay handle it? Their confidential system is meant to work with unique companies’ payroll and provide them on-demand access. They have worked to create a professional and effective system for many types of payrolls. Check out the conversation to hear more about the field of payroll apps and instant payment.

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