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Young Entrepreneur Co-Founded a Company That Makes Human-Grade Cat Food

Young Entrepreneur Co-Founded a Company That Makes Human-Grade Cat Food
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash


Pet owners are some of the most dedicated people. Their pets are one of the family, and they may be treated even better than the kids. Different kinds of cat food claim to be the most nutritious for cats, but there’s now a line of cat food for those cat-parents who don’t mind being a little “extra.” Smalls is human-grade cat food that ensures cats are getting the variety and nutritional needs that they don’t get from kibble. Matt Michaelson, co-founder of Smalls, and Justin Renard, VP of Growth, visit Bold TV to share cat-lovers’ new favorite feline food.

Your Cat Has Its Own Palate

Cats are neophiles, which means they like variety and trying new things and get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. (Relatable.) When a cat-parent visits the Smalls website, they take a short quiz, giving their cat’s age, size, breed and more. Then, experts create a personalized plan for the cat’s needs and send a frozen-fresh sampler pack to their doorstep. (There’s no instruction manual for figuring out what makes your cat think bon appetit, so that’s all you.) But every Smalls meal is meant to fulfill cats’ really high need for protein with small amounts of moisture to aid with dehydration. The meals lead to more energy, less shedding and a less smelly litter box. 

Cat Food

The Perfect Cat Food Recipes

It took the creators of Smalls years to figure out the perfect recipes, nutritional values and tastes that would be the best experience for cats and their owners. They found a problem: regular cat food wasn’t meeting cats’ needs. Then they created a solution: Smalls. If your cat is your ride-or-die, make sure you treat it as such! Check out the video to hear more about how Smalls works and where you can buy it.

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