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Spirits From Scratch — More About the Distilling Industry

Spirits From Scratch — More About the Distilling Industry
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

How would you like to impress your friends with knowledge of distilling gin and rye whiskeys? Take a visit to the New York Distilling Company in Brooklyn to see rows of barrels slowly aging the spirits to curate the perfect flavor. Then, take your friends upstairs to the bar The Shanty and try the Ragtime Rye Whiskey. This small distillery offers the traditional experience of touring a craft distillery on a small and intimate scale. Co-founder and owner of the New York Distilling Company, Allen Katz, runs this Brooklyn business with a personal touch, even answering all emails to the distillery. He tells Bold TV about the craft and the business of spirits. 

Quality Product Keeps You in Business

How does the distilling industry compete in the saturated world of alcohol? It’s all about the quality of the product. All the gin and whiskey is made right there in Brooklyn, and the Ragtime Rye ages for up to six years. Though they lose five percent of liquid to evaporation, the flavors become more concentrated when they interact with oxygen. This process takes patience, but it leads to the best drink. After the whiskey is done with its time-out, the experts cherry-pick barrels with the best flavor. Raising the standard of gin and whiskey may cost time, but it pays off with satisfied customers. 

Distilling industry

Standing Out in the Distilling Industry

In a city with bars on every corner, how do you compete? Guest experience is key. Inside of The Shanty, across from the full-service bar, there’s a bay window overlooking the distillery’s manufacturing floor. Guests can sip cocktails among friends while overlooking the distilling equipment, barrels and workers. The distillery offers tours, providing a unique experience in addition to traditional bar conversation. The distillery draws customers to the bar; the bar does the same favor for the distillery. This combination was the perfect business opportunity, and now the distillery ships spirits across the country.

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