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Co-founder of CrossFit On Her New Health Program

Co-founder of CrossFit On Her New Health Program
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Don’t you wish you had a personal fitness guide to keep you accountable? So many of us can’t find a workout program that keeps us attentive. But this unique service may be just the motivation we need. Lauren Jenai is a co-founder of Crossfit and founder of a new fitness program and app “Manifest.” She chats with Bold TV about how this program is helping people meet their health goals.

Health program with an accountability partner

One of the biggest obstacles to getting fit is the lack of accountability. Not everyone is born self-motivated. And Jenai knew this after spending years in the fitness world. So, she decided to solve this problem with a built-in accountability partner. The Manifest app allows customers access to a coach, nutritionist and emotional support. This person knows your specific goals and health concerns, and they can help you understand how your exercises and diet affect you specifically. Having accountability motivates you to keep going. You have someone that answers your questions and shares in your little victories.


Looking for internal results

Do you include “get fit” on your New Year’s Resolution every year? So many of us start strong but taper off after a few weeks. This could be because we’re used to instant gratification. Getting fit is about small and consistent actions. But working out doesn’t give you immediate results. You can’t do one crunch and have a six-pack. Manifest addresses instant gratification by giving you something concrete. Your coach doesn’t measure your success in terms of weight loss or performance. They measure in terms of how you feel and monthly lab test results. Once people see how their levels change, they have proof of how fitness improves health. For more on health and fitness, check this out. 

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