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This Soup Company Has All Clean Ingredients

This Soup Company Has All Clean Ingredients
Photo by Jade Aucamp on Unsplash

Eating healthy always has been a more expensive option, especially with foods on the shelves. Companies find it easier to make cheap foods packed with preservatives and chemicals. The good ingredients make production more tedious, and they typically don’t stay fresh as long. But this company prides themselves on having food that’s “grandma-approved.” Sibling duo Christopher and Jennifer Jane co-founded Proper Good to promote clean, shelf-stable soups. They join Bold TV to chat about the packaged food business and how they’ve grown as a young company.

Your food business should solve a problem

As with many small businesses, Proper Good started to solve a problem. There were a few health issues with packaged foods like soup. It’s a myth that shelf-stable foods need preservatives and chemicals to keep them from going bad. The Janes want their labels to read as if you’re making a homemade recipe. And your dietary restrictions shouldn’t keep you from packaged foods. So they created soups for diets such as keto, gluten-free and plant-based. Proper Good gives you an easy and whole food option that won’t go bad.


Making a small soup company thrive

So how does a small company focused on one food type survive? They make what people like. First, they try not to make food according to their own bias. Proper Good now has four soups: squash & carrot, sweet red pepper & meatball, chicken & mushroom, and meatball minestrone. They make their products according to what people demand,  and then they take note for the future. Second, they focus on e-commerce. Only 90 days after the company’s launch, they are shipping thousands of packages a month. People like that they can have healthy food delivered to their door. And because they focus on quality, their reviews are staying positive. Does this give you any ideas for a future business?


For more on clean eating, check this out!

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