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Will Artificial Intelligence Work With Robocops?

Will Artificial Intelligence Work With Robocops?
Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

What’s more advanced than artificial intelligence? Artificial emotional intelligence. This innovation helps tech understand us more deeply through facial expressions, vocal intonations and emotions. The aim of artificial emotional intelligence is to understand how people connect with one another. Then, it begins to understand how to help people. It even has the possibility of mental health applications. But with the recent widespread discussion of police brutality and systemic racism, some wonder if robotic policing is the future of this technology. Rana El Kaliouby tells Bold TV that robocops sound cool but probably would make things worse. She is the co-founder and CEO of Affectiva AI, an emotional AI company.

Are robotic cops the future?

The idea of robocops sounds promising — simply take the human error factor out of policing decisions. But turning this job over to AI might make the situation worse. If developers don’t take a human-centered approach to robotic policing, it could create serious mistakes and worsen discriminatory actions. As for technology making the decisions alone, that could be dangerous. It’s important to look at the situation holistically. Many experts believe that technology should simply be a tool to help people make just decisions.


Issue of diversity in tech

A long-time criticism of the Silicon Valley coders is that they are overwhelmingly male, white and/or Asian-American. And many times, innovators create solutions based on their prior experiences. So, it is possible to build bias into algorithms accidentally? Would the robotic police target people based on their appearance? The humans that create artificial emotional intelligence aren’t immune to blind spots. So, how can the tech world create useful solutions to the world’s problems? It’s important that development teams are as diverse as possible. But even if a team has the most diversity, building robot police may not be their most successful project.

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