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Tips for Beginner Runners

Tips for Beginner Runners
Photographer: Alexander Redl

Staying quarantined for months drove all of us to different extremes. Some of us swore we were Martha Stewart in the kitchen. Others of us conquered the entire Marvel franchise. But a lot of us became more active, knowing how much our physical health affects our mental health. If you’ve recently taken up running to help you stay sane, you may want some tips from an expert. Jes Woods is the studio manager of the Mile High Run Club, a popular running studio. She tells Bold Life that every runner is different. Here’s a few beginner tips:

Tips for all runners

  1. There’s nothing in running that you have to do. You should only run if it brings you joy and relieves stress. If tracking your mileage, pace or calories burned gives stress, cut it out. You don’t have to follow someone else’s personal running goals. Personalize your runs.
  2. Make sure you don’t do too much too soon. The quickest way to lose your motivation is to exhaust yourself after one run. Don’t expect to run a 5K the first day. Work your way up to distance if that’s your ultimate goal.
  3. Every run has a purpose. And every run doesn’t have to be your personal best. Some runs won’t break records. But every time you run, you’re making progress, burning calories and releasing endorphins.
  4. Have fun with it. Throw in easy runs throughout the week. Embrace the conversational pace. If you can’t run and talk without feeling breathless, you’re going too hard. Make sure you can still have a good time!

Time to run

If too much freedom gives you anxiety, you can follow a running plan. Mile High Run Club creates personalized base building plans to help you create structure. There are plenty of options out there for anyone who wants to be a runner. So if you want to snap back from quarantine, maybe it’s time to run!

For more wellness advice, check this out.

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