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Veronica Carrera: Mormon, Gay and Ironman

Photographer: Martins Zemlickis

Do you ever hear someone’s story and think it could be a movie?  Veronica Carrera  grew up a Mormon in Ecuador, ranking nationally in discus and javelin. Then, she immigrated to the United States at 16, graduated college and rose through the corporate ranks as a gay Latina woman. The theme of determination continued in her athletic endeavors, as she completed multiple marathons and an Ironman triathlon. She has experience in sales, speaking, coaching and now writing, with her imminent book Mormon, Gay, and Ironman: A Remarkable Journey to Self-Acceptance and Love. Bold TV got to sit down and chat with Carrera about perseverance, in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of the LGBTQ community.

Mormon, Gay and Ironman

Carrera frames her book through the metaphor of the Ironman. This triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run, in that order. The most brutal part is that the maximum race time is less than a day. Carrera feels her life has been an Ironman at times. The swim was going to school, hearing Shakespeare in a foreign language and then trying to graduate college (which she did). Her bicycle ride was climbing the corporate ladder as a Latina woman. And her marathon was being a spiritual leader in the Mormon church while being gay. But her driving force was honoring her family and doing the impossible. She never wanted anyone to tell her she couldn’t do something. 

Lessons learned in life

The main theme in Carrera’s life is letting go of anything that no longer honors her soul. The journey to loving herself started with courage and transformation. She traded fear and shame for love. Then, her journey ended with healing. She no longer feels that she has to prove herself. And she wants to share her story with people who may relate. “Everything that happens in our lives happens for us, not to us,” Carrera said. “Every single experience you’ve had has led to where you are today.”

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