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Streaming Platforms Are Speaking Out Against Racism

Following the death of George Floyd in the hands of Minneapolis police, people across the nation have been protesting systemic racism and police brutality. Advocates took to social media to show their support for black people and to speak against injustice. Countless businesses and brands have spoken out as well. Even Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms have shown their support on social media. Nii Mantse Addy, CMO of Philo streaming platform, says that corporations have a responsibility in changing the dynamic of what’s happening in the country. Philo caters well and specifically to audiences of color. So he chats with Bold TV about the responsibility in the age of widespread media.


Responsibility to speak out against racism

Corporations rarely are encouraged to speak up on issues in the country. But Addy says brands have great influence in our culture. These big businesses have unique privilege, access and reach. They provide the landscape for understanding what will and won’t be tolerated nationwide. Either their company makes space for groups that have been oppressed or groups that oppress. Streaming platforms have millions of customers at one time. And their customers showed that they care if a company uses its large platform to speak out against racism. Addy believes that as companies minimize the space for the oppressive, that space gets smaller over time.


Watch TV and film that gives a different perspective

A lot of people are taking this time to watch television shows and films about experiences different from their own. And many streaming platforms are adding and promoting stories that coincide with this movement. Philo doesn’t focus on sports and news. They have a variety of other TV networks you can search. You can get out of your comfort zone and watch Twenties on BET to see through a different lens. Or you can watch a network’s town hall. BET is hosting a town hall about the issues today. And OWN is hosting a town hall on what we can do moving forward.

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