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How To Live in Sophisticated Simplicity

Photo by : Samantha Gades

Do you ever feel like your life is too complex? Sometimes day-to-day life has too many moving parts that cause chaos. Could life ever be simple? During social distancing and working from home, life inside can feel annoyingly simple. At the same time, the world is facing complex problems. People are realizing that a “simple” life at home isn’t stress-free. Julia Hobsbawm believes that simplicity is not simplistic. It’s not having a set routine or setting aside quiet time. But sophisticated simplicity can help us avoid being constantly overwhelmed. She chats with Bold TV about her book The Simplicity Principle.

Finding simplicity in stressful situations

We know that even normal, mundane life can still feel complex and chaotic. But how do you find simplicity in a high-intensity situation? For example, health care workers face emergency situations throughout normal days. But can they find order in the intense chaos? Yes. Sophisticated simplicity says prioritize. Ask what you need to do right this second. Focusing on the task at hand combats being overwhelmed in the complexity. In emergency situations, simplicity often saves the day. These people know how to prioritize and still do their job. They don’t choose one over another. They make decisions as they come.

Exercising your mind for a simple life

Sometimes people think their life is simple. But chaos quickly can take over. Incorporating simplicity into your life is a mindset that needs exercise. One way to strengthen this new mindset is to pick a number. If you pick six, you can’t do more than six things at once. Multitasking can create unnecessary complexity in our minds and lives. We are plugged-in people. We are constantly downloading information and uploading content. If you exercise your mind daily, you are on track to ease some stress and anxiety. It’s that simple.

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