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Essential Oils Company Makes Kits For Frontline Workers

Photo by : Chelsea Shapouri

We all know someone who’s obsessed with essential oils. Whether lavender, citrus or frankincense, people use oils for all types of symptoms and ailments. And they claim aromatherapy helps them de-stress and relax. But there has been some controversy surrounding companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Trade Commission sent a letter to several companies saying different multi-level marketers (MLMs) were making false claims concerning the virus. Missy Larsen, VP of Philanthropy and Community Impact at the dōTERRA essential oil company, chats with Bold TV to set the record straight. 


Essential oils don’t prevent COVID

Companies like dōTERRA Oils employ MLMs to promote their product. These representatives caused some problems that the company had to answer for. Some of these marketers were posting the products with hashtags like #covid and #prevention. These posts misled consumers to think essential oils could prevent COVID. But essential oils do not prevent COVID-19. dōTERRA has since refuted those claims and reinforced the goals of their company. A large number of the population uses natural products like oils for a reason. They believe that certain types of oils help alleviate stress and anxiety. Less stress can provide benefits such as a strong immune system. But it isn’t a pharmaceutical cure. 


Helping frontline workers 

dōTERRA isn’t in the business of curing the pandemic. But they do want to help frontline health care workers alleviate stress and stay healthy. So the company made 15,000 frontline kits with gloves, masks and useful products. The citrus and tea tree oils provide aromatherapy to relax nerves and clear the air. The Deep Blue muscle support is for aching muscles. And the sanitizing mist has more than the recommended 60 percent of alcohol. These kits did so well that they made another 5,000 kits for EMTs and police. Essential oil may not cure the virus. But their aromatic properties can bring people comfort in stressful times.

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