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Withings Says People Are Staying Healthy In Quarantine

Photo By : Charles Deluvio

How long have you thought about getting in better shape? Sometimes, it takes a cool gadget to make being healthy more fun and interesting. For example, Withings is a health device company that makes products and apps to help you keep up with your health. You can optimize your health at home by monitoring blood pressure, activity, weight, body temperature and sleep patterns. When you have more information about your body, you know how to treat it well. Withings tracks anonymous data based on the metrics their devices gather. And they discovered interesting information on the world’s health during the COVID-19 lockdown. Susie Felber, global content director at Withings, chats with Bold TV about this data!


Time at home has been good for people’s health

Because everyone is stuck at home baking bread, you may think that health isn’t improving. But Withings discovered the contrary. People aren’t gaining weight across the board. And they’re getting an average of 12 minutes more sleep a night. These numbers could mean a few things. More time at home may drive people to be active for their mental health. It also could mean that less hustle means free time to do activities, like exercise. As for the extra sleep? Maybe people enjoy not having a commute. Most people now take a short walk across the room to begin work. They can cut down on “getting ready” time and add those minutes to sleep time. We have the time to make our health a priority.

Gadgets to make being healthy fun

This data came from the Withings activity tracker. They created the first real watch with a tracker inside. People can join style with technology. But this watch isn’t this company’s only gadget. They have an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor and smart thermometer. But they are best known for inventing the first smart scale. This device transfers data to an app so you can follow trends over time. The health field is full of cool innovations to make your wellness fun and interesting. So, how is your health during quarantine?

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