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Is Anyone Hiring During COVID-19?

Many hourly workers were laid off during the COVID-19 lockdown. They’re wondering how to find a job in such uncertain times. Look at the situation critically. Hotels aren’t hiring now. But grocery stores, food delivery services and the health care system are all options. While entrepreneur Desmond Lim is the first in his family to go to college, he knows a lot about the life of hourly workers. His dad is a driver, and his mom is a cleaner. They both only finished fourth grade. Lim is now the co-founder and CEO of Workstream, a platform with features you need to go “from job posting to fully trained in 70 percent less time.” He chats with Bold TV about how to land a job during the pandemic.


Hourly workers are open to change

What’s the bright side of being laid off? If you don’t miss your old job, this could be an opportunity to change fields and try something new. Many people always think of trying another job but never do it. And more and more companies will hire hourly workers in the near future. Because working from home will become normal, companies may not want to hire full-time employees. Hourly workers must be accustomed to change. And now is the perfect time to be adaptable.


How to find who is hiring

Talk to your friends. They may know of a job through their connections. If they don’t know of any openings, check out job portals online. Look at whichever qualities interest you, whether it be a higher salary or better hours. Then, figure out if you’re qualified. Many employers will list clearly the skill sets required. You may be able to find a training course online to get qualified for those jobs. Workstream serves companies ranging from brick-and-mortar small businesses to those in the Fortune 500. And the CEO believes getting a job at this time is possible. Check out the conversation.

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