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This Entrepreneur Used Her Factory to Make Masks For All!

This Entrepreneur Used Her Factory to Make Masks For All!
Photographer: Gayatri Malhotra

Shon Michaux-Simon didn’t know what to do. Her clothing company was struggling to make payroll. She decided to go away for a day; she told her employees she would come back with a solution. There in her alone time, she remembered that there was a virus spreading quickly in China. Could this be both an opportunity to save her business and an opportunity to help other people? She went back to her employees and broke the news: they would start making face masks to help the world keep up with high demand. Now, her seamstresses are producing thousands of masks per day, helping out large organizations like Amazon and Chick-fil-A. She chats with Bold TV to share how a global crisis gave her the opportunity to go from struggling to thriving.

Finding the Right Type of Mask to Make

The world has had to learn more about face masks as they’ve become an integral accessory to daily activities like grocery shopping. Experts and medical professionals have proclaimed the N95 mask to be the most effective in being protected from the coronavirus. Because of its multiple layers and respirator, it’s antiviral. The CDC has said that the mask should be reserved for medical workers only, and an N95 is hard to come by. So what are normal folks to do? They need masks that at least cut down on transmitting germs from hands-to-mouth and hand-to-nose. Simon’s company makes cloth masks out of modal, a fabric from beechwood trees. It’s antibacterial and anti-odor. And ultimately, it’s soft against the skin. 

Everyone Doing Their Part During a Pandemic

For Simon, this new venture is more than keeping her business afloat; it’s about using her resources to help others. During this pandemic, entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to evaluate what they have and how they could improve the situation. Check out the full conversation to hear the rest of this business woman’s story.

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