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Tips to Protect Yourself From Zoom Hacking & Much More!

Tips to Protect Yourself From Zoom Hacking & Much More!
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We can honestly say “Zoom Bombers” is a phrase that made absolutely no sense three months ago. But like many things happening since the global pandemic, “Zoom Bombers” are another unprecedented challenge. Zoom is an online video chat service that has become very popular in the time of social distancing and working from home. But just like any new technology, people find a way to use it for unintended purposes. “Zoom bombing” is when hackers take advantage of Zoom links and enter video calls without an invitation. These people have caused fear and chaos during a time where people are getting used to new technology. So how can we keep ourselves cyber-safe? Steve Tcherchian, the chief information security officer at XYPRO, chats with Bold TV about cybersecurity. 

Have a Separate Computer for Work Use

At the office, there’s an IT team to back you up if you encounter hackers. At home, you’re on your own. It’s safer to have separate computers for personal and work use. Personal computers have saved passwords for social media sites, saved bank card numbers, personal files and pictures and more. If you accidentally click on a file or link from a hacker, a lot of important information could be at risk. Also, wouldn’t you want your work computer to be separate from the computer your kids use to play Super Mario? Using personal computers for work can compromise your work environment, blur the lines and make you more at risk for attack. 

Be Aware of How People Use Technology for Evil

“Zoom bombing” is only the beginning of how people combine new technology with unsettling circumstances to dupe people. Phishing attempts are increasing, using emails, files or phone calls about stimulus checks, work issues and Zoom to take advantage of people. The best protection against these attacks is awareness. Always know the dangers of technology and stay on your guard.

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