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Staying Connected and Motivated During Quarantine

Staying Connected and Motivated During Quarantine
Photographer: Wadi Lissa

Self-made business people need media coverage. How else will they get the coveted Instagram following? But many of these entrepreneurs have no idea where to start. Public relations firms seem inorganic, and they can be expensive. But Super Connecter Media gives regular people the strategy and knowledge to establish a media presence. They help entrepreneurs, personal brands, startups and small businesses share their message. Its founder, Jen Gottlieb, wanted to make PR firms more accessible and less intimidating. She chatted with Bold TV to talk about “PR done differently.”

Utilize Your Network

Small brands are desperate for recognition but don’t know where to start. What is Super Connector’s secret? The Top 20 List. Everybody has everything they need to get media within their current network. Start by leveraging the relationships you already have. Write down 20 people you know who could help you get media. Work your way down the list, and you have a chance at making a connection. And don’t worry about asking for help! It makes people feel good when they help someone else. Don’t take away that opportunity from someone. But if they don’t want to help without a favor, think of a way you can provide value to them. Business is all about people helping people.

The Power of Online Community

Super Connecter sponsors a publicity event called “Unfair Advantage Live,” but it’s postponed due to COVID-19. It offered the opportunity to pivot and leverage their online community. They strengthened their online training with virtual media panels, monthly mindset calls, weekly virtual dinner parties and more. Social distancing has brought their community closer, emphasizing the importance of a strong network. Check out the conversation to hear more about the power of relationships.

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