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A Resource for Creatives to Launch Their Own Businesses

A Resource for Creatives to Launch Their Own Businesses
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Have you ever had a bright business idea and gotten bogged down with the process? Handling it all by yourself can be exhausting and confusing. It may take years to develop your idea, find partners, decide on manufacturers and then place your product in retail. Jaden Levitt worked for eight years and helped 250 brands. Then, he founded Pietra and helped the same amount of brands in one year. How did he do it? Pietra is an online global marketplace that cuts down on time and development costs. Levitt chats with Bold TV about Pietra’s success.

Shortening The Process

Pietra joins you at the beginning. Their project lead team helps you flesh out your product idea and then presents it to a network of global manufacturing partners. If they think the production is possible, you can move forward with samples. If the samples are approved, you can have an online Pietra shop. This process used to take much longer. People would have to fly to different places to find and source the right partners. Now, Pietra’s process takes 30-45 days. It’s also become a good alternative to retailers. Retailers take out a bigger cut, but Pietra takes a marketplace fee, similar to Amazon. 

Showing Professionalism and Success

How do you know Pietra is a legitimate and worthy option for your store? Check out the website and browse through their current creators and their products. They’ve worked with the highly popular Glossier beauty brand as well as Robert Downey, Jr. Engineers from Uber and Google are part of their team. They’ve worked to create a solid team and investor group to give you the best chance at success. Watch the interview to learn more about the Pietra process.

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