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Taking Back Control of Your Data

Taking Back Control of Your Data
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The gathering of data on tech devices and the regulation of data can be very confusing. How can my data be used as an individual? How can I use data to my advantage as a business owner? Can I control my own data? The real question is not about more or less regulation but having the right regulation. Federal regulation is very slow and behind on data regulation, so states take the reins. This, though, leads to confusion when there are different regulations on data according to which state you’re operating in. This is where Datawallet comes in. This company believes that there should be more ownership, insight and control into one’s personal data. So, they help companies and individuals figure out the world of data! Adam Jones, COO of Datawallet, chats with Bold TV about the company’s services.

How does Datawallet work?

Datawallet has two core features. First, they help companies figure out how to work with new data privacy regulations. It can be pretty difficult to wade through all the rules without expert advice! Datawallet is a much more affordable middleman than hiring lawyers, technologists and data professionals. Second, they help consumers sell their data to advertisers, insurers and more. You might have thought that your data was being preyed upon by big companies. But you can take your data into your own hands and make a profit! 

Control Your Data

Establishing trust in the data world

Instead of businesses getting their data in a sketchy, roundabout way, they can buy the data they need directly from their customer. Datawallet is all about creating more trusting relationships between businesses and customers. Also, the data is better quality because it’s directly from the source. Businesses can rest well knowing they’re using data to its full potential. Consumers can rest well knowing the same. Check out the conversation to learn more about how Datawallet works!

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