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An App Helping Women Monitor Their Health

An App Helping Women Monitor Their Health
Photographer: Jonathan Borba

Women have been in the dark on how their operating system works. They’ve been told that their hormones are mysterious, complicated and problematic. They also have based their health on research that didn’t even include women in clinical trials. Alisa Vitti discovered that women were commonly deceived in the way they thought of their bodies. So, she founded the MyFlo App and wrote In the Flo, both resources to help women optimize how they eat, work out, and manage their time based on their biology. She tells Bold TV how women can be more informed on how they work.

Teaching Women to Go With the “Flo”

Using the MyFlo App is a simple way to manage motherhood more sustainably. It helps you keep track of your symptoms to understand what’s going on with your hormones. Mothers often feel like they need to be perfect role models for their children. But women’s brain chemistry changes up to 25 percent over the course of a month. The app is meant to teach women how to understand their hormones and go with the “flo.” The book also provides tips on how to eat and work out according to their symptoms, to help their bodies manage naturally.

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Shedding Light on Women in Medical Research

Vitti’s work sheds light on research including women. Women often may follow dietary and health tips that are meant to work only on men, not taking into account hormones. When women are left out of medical research, they do things that they’re told are good for them when they are not. Vitti’s company is dedicated to modernizing hormone health care based on women’s specific biology. Where women are told their hormones are a weakness, Vitti sees it differently. They should lean into their hormones because they’re predictable, reliable and women’s superpower.

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