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Millennial Minute: Medicare For All

Millennial Minute: Medicare For All
Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Millions of Americans are without quality health insurance or health insurance at all. 2020 political candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders advocate healthcare for all, but critics say this approach is not economically feasible or wise. Could the United States government bear the weight of the country’s health care? If they could, should they? Conservative commentator Dion J. Pierre and progressive commentator Landon Dais share with Bold TV their ideas and suggestions on how Medicare can realistically work in the United States government.

How Would Medicare For All Work?

All sides of the argument can agree that there is a health care crisis in the United States, but the point of contention is how to solve the issue. A certain progressive argument advocates for a hybrid health insurance system: It would provide affordable health care for people while still allowing the existence of the private health care system. Conversely, the more conservative argument asserts that there is no possible space in the government for socialized health care. Progressives for decades have been advocating a hybrid system but won’t offer how to pay for it, raising concerns of higher taxes. Medicare for all would also double the budget of the government, furthering national debt.

Whose Responsibility is Health Care?

Debaters pose the question: We have to take care of our people, but we can’t double the size of our government. So what is the answer? One side of the argument says there are solutions to be found without utilizing the antiquated idea of socialized medicine. The other side argues that it is the government’s responsibility to take care of its people, and they deserve to have health care despite financial opportunity costs. Opposing sides have not yet reached a happy medium, but will a widely supported solution arise to solve the healthcare crisis? The debate continues.

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